17th March 2019

Art Gallery opening: Miss Shakti

We officially opened a truly amazing art show by Miss Shakti at the completley new gallery buildings at Dragonfly Lake.

Don’t hesitate to come over and see, it’s worth it!

As Miss Shakti writes in her biography:

Virtual photography, combined with photo manipulation and digital painting.
I have always been an artists since I was a child but didn’t discover my real passion until SL. I love to play with all the possibilities and potential in the marriage of photography and digital painting. My subject matter, message and energy is very diverse in my work. I rarely set out with a preconceived idea. I allow the picture to show me what it is. Like a sculptor releases the body from past the matter. I rarely do pre-posed shots in a studio setting. I go out into the world and wait for the shot. Looking for as much of an uncontrolled environment as possible for the challenge of catching the shot.

17th March 2019