Photogenic English countryside

Inspired by the English countryside, including a stunning lake, beach, farmland and an English village.

Perfect for a relaxed walk around.

Our nature

We base our island on elements of real life: flowers, trees, landscapes, animals….

Enjoy our mixed photography (with a professional camera in real, and good snapshots in Second Life) – site in development.

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Shops and galleries

We provide space for a few shops and galleries. We regularly hosts events and performances at the central place.

Pay us a visit, it’s worth it!

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Houses both on land and skyboxes within our countryside theme. All high quality homes in beautifully decorated spaces with an adequate prim allowance based on the size of the home for low prices.

Full sim sized scenic skyboxes with approximately 1/4 sim area to build on (island and water) of far higher quality than your average rental.


Regularly hosting events of different types, and the opportunity to host your own events (ask our staff). Event boards can be found in both the office and events area.

Next events:

  • Mon 01 12:00pm SLT: Relaxation hour - Carla
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Personal approach

Our home is your home… we treat you as friends, and support where we can to make your stay as easy as possible.

Information boards are provided on the land, and there is a nice chatty group for questions.

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Yes, we post our events and photos on Facebook and Flickr.... visit us

Our Work

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Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Portfolio Item

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

Latest news

Stay up to date with our latest news and events!

Musical vibrations by Lisa Brune

We had yet another really great night at Dragonfly Lake. The best female live singer in SL has shown her talents again! In total almost 50 people again (with a bit of lag sadly), enjoyed her fantastic…

23rd June 2019

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Variations, by Eva Burroughs

Again we had the honour to open a new exhibition! This time the vibrant and colourful artwork of Eva Burroughs, who amazed a lot of the 30 visitors. We adore her truly impressive work, and DJ Koala ha…

1st June 2019

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Musical vibrations, again – Lisa Brune

Again we could SO enjoy the fantastic music of one of the best singers in SL ever… Lisa Brune. I’m impressed and very grateful for her performance, especially since Dragonfly Lake reached …

17th May 2019

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Nature Party

With a bit of delay (so sorry – yes it was on April 25), we had really fun with playing or bringing animals at a random evening 🙂 Under supervision of Nature’s tallest creations of cour…

4th May 2019

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Available rentals today

Dragonfly Lake – Buttercup

Buttercup is the perfect country cabin with three rooms inside and garden for own use, working fireplace lights and window shutters offering privacy on our skybox farm with views of both the countrysi…
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Dragonfly Lake – Jasmin

Jasmin is the perfect wonderland with amazing sim wide scenery and approx. 1/4 of it being buildable. You can make this place cosy very easily with plenty of space to play on the water too.
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Dragonfly Lake – Hibiscus

A deep green Island lined with a lake and views of hills and trees. Hibiscus has sim wide scenery and a large buildable island with prims to decorate how you choose
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Dragonfly Lake – Basil

Basil is a sim large skybox with a lot of beautiful blue water, and luscious green island to build on, coming with prims to work with. It really is a stunning spot above the English countryside
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Dragonfly Lake – stalls

We offer stalls for a low price in a prime busy area, so that others can have the same. We were lucky to have these pretty stalls with 20 prims for your use. The sim itself is a seasonal English count…
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Dragonfly Lake – Fennel

Island with autumn looks, surrounded by  water, mountains and waterfalls and trees all included in the sim wide scenery with 1/4 land/water to build on with prims and of course use of the sim and…
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Dragonfly Lake – Oak

Oak really stands out from the rest and does boast some of the best views over the wood lands. It has a rock island, house, decking and garden space. You get a lot for your money with this one, and wi…
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Dragonfly Lake – Sage

Sage is one of a kind on our sim overlooking the river, hidden away between the two sims. It has  two floors and is slightly bigger than some of our houses on land. With views of the rolling coun…
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Dragonfly Lake – Lavender

Scenic sim large skybox with lilac mountains,  earning it the name Lavender, 1/4 of this box is buildable. It comes with mountains, trees, island and water included with prims to build with
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Dragonfly Lake – Rose

Rose is a very spacious home with two floors and own garden on your farm skybox its right on the edge of our stunning wheat fields with use of our countryside sim below
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