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Return of Dragonfly Lake

We are very proud to announce the return of Dragonfly Lake! The region returned as it has been before, and in the meantime constantly improved. Also, we welcome Wild Moon Temple (see their website htt…

18th January 2021

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Thank you SO much

It’s sad, but I had to make a choice. Dragonfly Lake seized to exist today, 8th of February 2020. I thank you so much for all the support, kindness and friendship during last 1.5 years. It was a…

8th February 2020

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Living Magic by Rachel

This weekend we had the honour to open the art exhibition of Rachel Magic at our gallery! She suprises everyone with her bright and warm, living artwork. We were so proud to welcome 42 guests at the o…

19th August 2019

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One year Dragonfly Lake

Akia and I, Carla, are very proud our dream became reality. We have created Dragonfly Lake in July 2018 as our home and wanted to share our idea about the beauty of an English countryside with our fri…

21st July 2019

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Musical vibrations by Lisa Brune

We had yet another really great night at Dragonfly Lake. The best female live singer in SL has shown her talents again! In total almost 50 people again (with a bit of lag sadly), enjoyed her fantastic…

23rd June 2019

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Variations, by Eva Burroughs

Again we had the honour to open a new exhibition! This time the vibrant and colourful artwork of Eva Burroughs, who amazed a lot of the 30 visitors. We adore her truly impressive work, and DJ Koala ha…

1st June 2019

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Musical vibrations, again – Lisa Brune

Again we could SO enjoy the fantastic music of one of the best singers in SL ever… Lisa Brune. I’m impressed and very grateful for her performance, especially since Dragonfly Lake reached …

17th May 2019

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Nature Party

With a bit of delay (so sorry – yes it was on April 25), we had really fun with playing or bringing animals at a random evening 🙂 Under supervision of Nature’s tallest creations of cour…

4th May 2019

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Musical vibrations by Lisa Brune

We had a really great night (or noon for our American friends, but it was night in SL) at Dragonfly Lake…. listening to one of the best live singer I have ever heard in Second Life: Lisa Brune! …

22nd April 2019

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