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Nature Party

With a bit of delay (so sorry – yes it was on April 25), we had really fun with playing or bringing animals at a random evening 🙂 Under supervision of Nature’s tallest creations of cour…
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Musical vibrations by Lisa Brune

We had a really great night (or noon for our American friends, but it was night in SL) at Dragonfly Lake…. listening to one of the best live singer I have ever heard in Second Life: Lisa Brune! …
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House warming party

We had a wonderful house warming party last Monday. As Carla moved the farm closer to the house, Akia installed her kitchen full of DFS stuff. And the backyard being decorated with a brand new terrace…
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Art gallery hosts Etamae

Yesterday 14th January we have been amazed by the impressive art of our latest exhibitor: Eta. We are very proud to host her work. Born and bred in the UK the art Eta produces in Secondlife is totally…
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