7th January 2019

Art Gallery hosts Matt Thomson

We were privileged to host a new collection by Matt Thomson (mth63).

The collection itself was totally different from anything we have had in our gallery so far, so we where really excited for his exhibit of techno fusion. Which is a mixture of traditional work and digital mix and a real explosion of colour with a sense of deep intent .

Matt describes himself in his bio as a professional abstract artist and digital designer in RL and he approaches is art with innovation fun and breakfast cereal.

Matt believes that art should please the eye and make you feel like a man can paint in a straight jacket. He doesn’t take himself seriously and his art shows a sense of fun and over dependency on sprouts and curry powder. A professional SL photographer, retired ex non model, and spaniel wrangler. Smart, cute and slightly manic.

Matt is from England, so it seemed so fitting to have him with us for the month of December and he even tagged along to a few of our event. He proved he has that British sense of humour I so love as well as being a real professional who already has quite some following already.

Do check out his work in world, you won’t be disappointed !

7th January 2019