27th December 2018

Santa Clause is coming to town !

I could not believe it when one of santas elves came to me and said that the big man himself was coming to see us!

Us being us we decided we had to give him a big welcome, so the lake became an iceskating rink complete with skates, sleds and games, even a sleigh and reindeer rezzer.

A little while after people arrived, sipping at there hot chocolates, I had to go shortly. What do you know as soon as I left Santa turned up ! (just my luck)

I hear the big guy in red took his place in his grotty and got straight to tempting all the ladies to sit on his lap… and gave out gifts. Though none of the lads seemed very keen on sitting on his knee, Matt got in the Christmas spirit and changed into a elf outfit to help out.

Unfortunately by the time I got back he had gone. However I did hear that he very much enjoyed his time with us. But he mentioned that Sarah and Carla will not be on next years nice list for their outrageous snowball attack they carried out on Father Christmas himself after getting there gifts…tut tut !

27th December 2018