10th December 2018

Resmay Bloodstorm

Throughout November, Dragonfly Lake art galleries where very proud to host the stunning photography in Resmays collection 

Resmay’s love for photography. has become a passion of hers along with her modeling. Princess Resmay has worked in various print media. Her photography has a regular following on Flickr.

I personally found her work to be among the best I have seen so far in second life, with a focus on man made items within nature and a small fantasy section. I even found myself buying a copy of one her prints .

I f you have not yet seen some of her work do check out her flickr at

Also On February 4, 2017, her work, themed Love is in the Air, was featured in the February Exhibition at Kultivate Select Gallery! This gallery features artists who will display art work each month with a different theme. Her work was also featured at Lollygagger Lane Art Center. Her Royal Majesty Queen MaiaCer Lysette sponsors the Mystical Gardens Photo Gallery located at The Kingdom Between Two Seas Town Square.

10th December 2018