7th November 2018

Haunted House

I love Halloween and the feeling of my heart pumping at the thrill of  being scared by a spooky film or scary event and so I wanted to do something special.

I asked Carla to make a haunted house and boy did she !

One of the many skyboxes we rent out got transformed into a dark and misty Autumn night with a little house perched on one side with a crypt beside it.

As I walked in I wasn’t expecting what came, wondering around the small home I suddenly dropped through the floor into a abandoned subway with no way back up. I crept slowly along the tunnel avoiding ghosts and skeletons along my way before finding myself lost in a graveyard searching for a way out. I eventually found another house where the rats nipped at my feet and the remains of the householders remained. Once out of this house, it was a long climb up and my heart was thumping.

Not only that, but in that same skybox our good friend Jen had built us a haunted Maze. Many people got lost and ran from the ghosts that wandered there. She did a amazing job, and we where so grateful that friends wanted to help us keep Dragonfly lake fun.

We left the haunted house and both mazes open all month long with teleporters from the office on sim to the different spooky places. Lots of people came and had a lot of fun, Carla getting many compliments for yet another job done extremely well. She always manages to out do herself.

I had the most fun I had in a long time and hope everyone else did too !

7th November 2018