13th October 2018

New Exhibit at Our Art Gallery

Carla has always had a real love for photography, and I myself love to wander around the art galleries of Second Life. I try to keep up to date with what’s going on in the art community, and so we both agreed that we would love an art gallery. Of course it was only right that Carlas photos where our first exhibit….but then what?

We let people know that we would be pleased to host a exhibit of others. An inevitable conversation started between Carla and I about all our friends that are into art. This lead to a chat about our good friend Raven Firecaster, who has supported us, not only that but she loves photography and I often admire her pics on social media. So why don’t we ask her !

A little over excited I headed straight to Facebook as I knew Raven was on holiday and asked her, the very next day she said yes !

As soon as she was home she started to install her photos and we planned the opening.

The opening itself went like a dream. There was Champagne  on ice, as people wandered through looking at her art and reading the information about the artist. Raven and her hubby seemed very proud of her work and so were we.

Ravens exhibit will be held at Dragonfly Lake Gallery up to the 31st of this most and is well worth coming to take a look, it has been a honour to have this exhibit and we hope it is the start  of many more !

13th October 2018