19th September 2018

We now have Flickr

Dragonfly Lake is a stunning region, and also has a Art Gallery. So no wonder we get many people coming to take pictures!

Being a friendly bunch, we often get chatting with visitors and as a result we were asked many times if we have Flickr… we didn’t.

Carla takes a lot of photos, and it’s a passion of her (the woman takes a lot of pics lol) so we thought we better check this Flickr thing out …..
Oh what fun it is, we were amazed to see there were already pictures of the sim taken by others on there! So we set up a account and Carla got busy adding some favourites she had already taken, and plans to add more as she takes them (so often).

We would love to see any you have taken, so feel free to add or take a look at the talents of Ms Broek.

19th September 2018