19th September 2018

Treasure Hunt

I wasn’t really sure if a treasure hunt was a good idea or not but I ended up having such a good time.

I asked Carla to hide dragonflies around the sim and write some clues for us all to help find them, as I didn’t know where she had places them I wanted to join in the hunt thinking I may have the upper hand because I know the sim better ( or so I thought).

So friends old and new  gathered at the ruins, while Carla handed out the clues and off we went. I spent far too long at my farm because I forgot we had a field full of cows and the clue was moo… Others of course got a head start lol.

Its safe to say others did far better than me, and I even discovered things on the land I never knew were there (sneeky Carla). I will admit I tried to bribe the host but she wouldn’t let me and so of course I lost.

The prize of a mystic Gem and Crystal set was won by our good friend and tenant Mr Squishy, as the only person who found all ten dragonflies within the set hour. While I muttered bitterly having only found nine…

Well done Mr squishy….. I’ll get you next time hehe!


19th September 2018