19th September 2018

Autumn Dance

Ok so Im a little to eager I know but I love autumn and I was so excited that to sim was now glistening in golds and oranges as the trees start to lose their leaves that we just had to have an Autumn dance.

Personally I love to celebrate the changes in seasons and Autumn or Fall as the Americans call it is my favourite time of year. So I set Carla to work decorating the ruins for a wiggle.

Autumn is also the time of the second harvest so along with the trees and piles of golden leaves. We had a wagon full of crops and wagon wheels. I must say it looked stunning, and so out went the invite to our Dragonfly friends.

It was a good turn out, and though it was more of a relaxed dance, I can say I had a great time giggling about DJ carlas love for 70s music ( its ok she was to busy taking photos to notice). But I think its fair to say our Lady Bugs and Dandy Lions so love a party and only need the slightest excuse to have a good wiggle on the Lakes…. cant wait till the next one !


19th September 2018