8th September 2018

Autumn Comes to Dragonfly Lake

It has been a long and very hot summer , A little to hot for me so I was very much looking forward to the cooler weather and cozy evenings that September brings (who doesn’t like cocoa under a warm blanket by candle light).

When out for a walk the other day, I was watching the first of the leaves falling from the trees and the colours changing to the stunning oranges and reds that  sweeps across the English countryside. I found myself becoming excited for the beauty of months to come in both real life and Second life.

This Month at Dragonfly lake we have plenty of Autumn themed  Events to come this  month in celebration of the change in season and of coarse we wanted to reflect this on our pittoresque sim.

As if by Magic the leaves on our trees began to sparkle with deep auburn colours and scattering across the grass as if caught on the cool breeze the branches becoming bear, the acorns fall and deeper greens appear .The sim seems to of been sprinkled with golds and oranges ….. I think it may be Autumn at Dragonfly Lake !


8th September 2018