31st August 2018

Norse Dance

Some of our good friends on Second Life take part in a Norse/ Viking Rp and we have joined them before on there sim to dance and be merry.

Infact we enjoyed ourselves so much that we wanted to return the favour and host our own, but our sim isn’t very Viking is it ?

Now this called for Carla to have fun in another build, so up went the skybox and in now time we had a Viking village complete with a stunning Viking ship , sheep and a big bonfire in the centre. The deep beat of Norse  music played,  while Viking and hippies alike got a little light headed on the berry mead served in horn shaped cups was passed around.

We had a brilliant time dancing around the fire in our fine medieval clothes (or in some cases tie dye), some where even still feeling the effects of the mead the next day…. we are planning to have another very soon !

31st August 2018