15th August 2018


When my friend first showed me her little farm I was fascinated by the fact it was a working Game and excited to get my own so off to the shops I dragged them and got a starter pack like a kid at Christmas .

Months later and my tiny little farm have become rather large and I am addicted having made Carla head water barrel filler with myself head chef loving to relax and cook food for the energy to farm we spend our mornings tending fields and brushing down the cows .

Having farmed for some time I started to have a stock of produce I wasn’t using when Our dear friends of Wondermous farm moved in to the sim the market stalls came in beside the lake and they where so kind as to put a fishing server for DFS into the lake, spending time laughing and fishing with friends has become a favourite thing for me .

I stock up my sales Stall next to theres proudly on  the sim ( theres being  much bigger than my little farm ) for visiting farmers to buy goods as well as food  and fish in the lake I am truly addicted and so glad to have other DFSers around .


15th August 2018