15th August 2018

Broom & Brew

Many of you Know I co Own a coffee shop with my good friend Ravn and have done for around a year now , I have grown to love the community , education and friendship it has Bought into my life and so when it was suggested to me to move the building to Dragonfly Lake I was excited .

With the tea rooms at Dragonfly lake free on our English  countryside themed sim  with its green grass and open fields it seemed logical to move the Broomies in  !

A few days later the cozy little building overlooking cow fields was transformed into a homely hangout and with event of its own people started to come and see the New broom & Brew

Broomies have been welcomed with open arms by all who have come in and the vibe is amazing so feel free to stop in for coffee and a slice of cake any time .

For news and events check out the notice board inside

15th August 2018