11th August 2018

Winner of the photo competition


We would like to thank  all who participated in Dragonfly Lake Photography Competition and all your amazing entries, it was a hard to decide between the photos taken with some obvious talent.

While we only had 10 entries the competition was tough and we took many factors into account , (lighting depth of field , framing etc) there was however a clear winner !

…… ( Drum Roll)……….

Maribel G !!!!!!!

It was the first time Maribel had visited our sim, and had never entered a Photography competition on SL before. But it’s clear she had both the knowledge and the talent it takes to create a beautiful picture .

Maribel received a Package of sl photography Gear as winner of the competition, and when told she had won said:

It was an honor to travel a beautiful and well laid sim, and to be able to take photos there. Thank you for allowing me the chance to apart of something . Im sure to stop by for more fantastic spots to take photos

All picture entered in the competition are hanging at the ruins of Dragonfly lake for the next week, come and take a look to see just how talented these Dragonflies are !


11th August 2018