30th July 2018

Launch Party

What better way to great Dragonflies than with a Bug Ball!

The Sim Dragonfly Lake was up and running, and tenants had started to move in so as soon as our events area set in some stunning old ruins was finished it was calling out to be used to greet our new Dragonfly friends.

I immediately started to think of a theme for our first ever dance for all of our friends, old and new, and remembered a film I loved when I was a child that had a cartoon Ugly bug Ball

After annoying the owner (Artesia) by singing the theme song for two days, she agreed and invites where sent, the ruins decorated,  it was time to party. And wow what a turn out all of our guests came along the Dj played some amazing tunes, everyone stayed late, and we all had an amazing time …… Dragonfly Lakes was opened with a bang !

30th July 2018